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Our Two Gardens Book | Meditation and Healing CD


  • The CD presents two styles of meditation and a talk on healing.
  • Tom’s presentations are for everyone, even people who believe they could never meditate.
  • Tom gently and skillfully brings you through a meditation that’s just right for you and will be yours forever.
  • Tom’s talk on healing combines profound meaning with light humor. It will help you identify your troubling issues and a path through them.

Listen to Track 02. Healing Talk Introduction

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By Tom Spector, PhD
Track 01. Meditation 1: Quieting the Mind
Track 02. Healing Talk: Our Two Gardens
Track 03. Meditation 2: The Heart Center

May you enjoy the life-long benefits of meditation.
Let the healing begin!
Meditation and Healing CD Customer Reviews:

“Tom’s CD brought to me a never felt before sense of calm, purpose, and deep core healing of issues that had been dark clouds over my life. Thank you so much Tom. I would reccomend this CD to anyone wanting to be free of what keeps in fear and sadness. Wonderful voice to listen to and his words are soothing and an incredible guide.”

-Missey M

“I highly recommend this CD and continue to learn and heal from it’s messages. It starts off with meditation basics and breathing. It’s great because you do the meditation along with the instructor and learn more about focusing on the breath. The second part talks about stepping back to view the activity in your heart/brain. Like taking a 3rd person perspective of the nonstop chatter and feelings bumping around in there. Then consider identifying, owning and dumping that which doesn’t serve you. The third part is just plain beautiful – meditation on healing: sending and receiving Light and Love through the heart center. It’s all much more than this – it’s wonderful! Thank you Tom!”

-Karen C

“I’ve have been doing meditation each day. And I have been trying to embrace my fear, open my heart, and breath. I am also smiling now every day, and I feel better when I do. I am so glad that our lives intersected. I am so much better for having met you. You are in my heart and therefore, with me always.”

-Debbie L

“Tom was born to teach meditation. He’s inspirational.
I’ve learned so much this week. It may change my life!”

-Ashley H

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