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How to Cultivate Healing

by Tom Spector, PhD

Part 1: How To Cultivate Healing
Find healing relief from fear, stress, worry, chronic pain, anxiety, panic, feelings of unworthiness, and guilt.  Learn techniques that really work!

Part 2: Inner Peace: A Practical Approach
Learn how to create inner peace by living your life to the fullest in the present moment and becoming free of all your internal enemies.

Part 3: Visiting Seriously Ill People
Learn effective ways of visiting seriously ill people that synergistically benefit you and the patient.

Tom’s book takes you on a journey of cultivating healing to obtaining inner peace, to sharing, and to more healing and peace. As you travel, you create an continuous cycle of personal growth.

Tom began meditating in 1968 and started teaching meditation to seriously ill people in 1976.  He soon expanded his teaching to include relatively healthy people within many different organizations, as well as private clients. During this process, Tom developed a deep understanding of the root causes of suffering and the paths to healing and inner peace.  Our Two Gardens: How to Cultivate Healing evolved from 35 years of Tom’s presentations. The teachings are clear and easy to follow. They combine profound meaning with light humor. Learn techniques that really work!

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ISBN # 978-1-105-24620-3: eISBN # 9781618428349

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