joanna_spectorJoAnna Spector is a professional yoga instructor with a BS in education. She has over 30 years experience teaching classes at her Hatha House Studio, at Duke University, and at various organizations.

 JoAnna’s classes appeal to participants of all levels including, first-time beginners, people with physical limitations, competitive athletes, and people who want to deepen their yoga practice.

  She is admired for her attention to individuals within a group setting and also provides private instruction. Students love her classes. They feel relaxed and refreshed.

Yoga Class Times

5:30pm – 7:00pm

8:30am – 10:00am

No class on the following dates:
Wednesdays: No Exclusions in April
No Exclusions in April

Class Prices

1 class $12
6-class pass $58
private class $70
private couples class $75
Gift Certificates available (call or email)
strength & balance class $70

Contact JoAnna:
                                    (919) 489-0516




“JoAnna, I have never been so healthy, and I am convinced it is due to yoga! All the doctors and physical therapists have not had the combined effect that you have given to the quality of my life. You and your wonderful gift will be with me for the rest of my life”.

– Caroline J.

“Joie is an awesome yoga teacher. She immediately solved a long-term shoulder problem.”

-Ashley H.


What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable that does not limit your movement. Changing rooms are available.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
Hatha House provides mats or, you can bring your own.

Where should I park?
You can park on the concrete basketball court or between the trees just off the driveway.

Where is the studio door?
The studio is located on the other side of the house. Follow the sidewalk around the front and down the stairs to the door labeled “Yoga.”

What level are the classes?
Classes are multilevel. Beginner and advanced students receive individualized attention for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

Can I do yoga if I am not very flexible?
Yes. Yoga is a process of stretching to the edge of your personal flexibility. Everyone’s edge is different.

Can I do yoga if I’m pregnant?
Yes. Yoga provides wonderful benefit throughout the entire pregnancy.

Can I do yoga if I have an injury?
In many cases, yes. Yoga is an excellent means of rehabilitation. Please consult your physician.

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